So Many Adventures, So Little Time

I have come to realize that the image I had in my mind of me sitting with a cup of coffee, writing daily blog posts about our nearly-daily adventures was just a mere fantasy. We have gone on a bajillion adventures since the last time I sat down to write...I mean, we go somewhere just [...]

Blogging Procrastination – Colville Trip

I have dreaded writing this post simply for the reason that there was so much that we saw on our way to my grandparent's house in Colville, I knew it would be a long post so I think what I will do is let the pictures do the talking. We live in Bothell and decided to take the [...]

Rosario Beach – Anacortes

The kids and I spent all day Saturday at Northern State Mental Hospital and Deception Pass State Park and had an awesome time. Can't wait to go back to both! I wasn't planning on going anywhere Sunday because my heel spurs on both feet were worse than they had been since I started treatment for them. Saturday night, I [...]

Deception Pass State Park

After we finished our 2-hour exploration of Northern State Mental Hospital we drove along Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway and stopped at Larrabee State Park which sits in a little cove. It is a nice little beach comprised of rocks and sand with some larger rocks and wood logs to sit on. We drove the few miles to [...]

Northern State Mental Hospital

Quick background history: Northern State Mental Hospital was established in 1909 and was an impressively self-sufficient facility with a farm that sprawled over 700 acres. It housed as many as 2,200 residents and employed 415. The residents whose "mental illness" ranged from ADHS to menopause to depression, worked in the farm's many facilities. They grew [...]