screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-9-08-59-pmHello, my name is Giannine Commodore. I recently decided to break the humdrum of my life and begin purposefully exploring this amazing place I live in—the Pacific Northwest.

I am a mom to 7 (mostly) wonderful and amazing kiddos whose ages range from 8 to 23- years. They also love to go adventure-seeking and seeing new sights, and are my road trip compadres.

I have a very deep love and appreciation for all things rural. I love the countryside, rolling pastures, trees, birds, wild animals, mountains, rivers, farms, the ocean, and also love exploring abandoned structures. I was raised on a small farm in Eastern Washington and miss that way of life.

My other interests include keeping saltwater aquariums (though I have none set up at the moment), our two wacky parrots, keeping chickens (we have 7), vintage and antique shopping; and most recently, I have started making natural soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, and lip balms.

Thank you for checking out my ramblings and photos! God bless~Giannine