PNW Saturday Sights: An Owl & a Toilet

Well gosh…my car was fixed this morning (yay!) after a week outta commission and we just happened to be blessed with some sunshine today! I was tired but decided to take the kids somewhere we haven’t been. I had no clue where and did a quick Google search in the parking lot of my daughter’s work after dropping her off.

Bay View Park looked interesting so we headed there. The tide was out today so there was a good amount of beach. Along with the sunshine, there was a fair amount of clouds and it was chilly so we didn’t stay too long; just long enough for the kids to play a bit. I was tempted to either go find a beach at Deception Pass State Park we hadn’t been to or go home and indulge my laziness. I opted to head home which ended up being a pretty cool several hour journey, though we were only about an hour away.

My two youngest at Bay View State Park

I tend to get distracted by the barns, abandoned buildings, lakes, Eagles, and other random things I see while driving and pull over when I can to take pictures. Our one hour journey turned into about three hours. I believe I was on Farm To Table Road in Skagit County when I looked to my left and saw this owl just sitting there beside the road on a sign!

I quickly stopped the car in the middle of the road, grabbed my camera, rolled down my window (thankfully we were alone on the road) and started snapping away. He/she just sat there the entire time pretty much ignoring me. The kids were wise enough to cease their incessant yammering.

After our awesome owl encounter, we drove on a short distance and behold, there was a toilet on a tree stump in our midst with a Heron parked next to it!


Now you’ve gotta admit, it’s not every day you come face-to-face with an owl and encounter a toilet with a Heron standing next to it, on-guard. We drove to and through Sedro-Wooley and onto Highway 9. I had never driven the length of Highway 9 to the end and had no idea it ended in Sedro-Wooley. Everything north of Arlington is just beautiful. I absolutely love all of the farms, barns, lakes, rivers, bridges, snow-covered mountains, and even the trees. Below are some of the pictures I took from Sedro-Wooley heading south on Highway 9, including some of the historic Nakashima Family Farm.

Did you go anywhere interesting this weekend? If so, I’d love to hear about it and possibly put it on my list of places to go! Thank you for reading and God bless~Giannine


2 thoughts on “PNW Saturday Sights: An Owl & a Toilet

  1. What a neat thing for the chance to see that owl! And just plain weird to see the toilet. I imagine you’ve probably seen it, loggers more typically leave big rocks perched on stumps like that. For years they’ve been scattered in a couple of the clearcuts along Highway 101 heading west toward Port Angeles. One of the biggest rocks that had been there for awhile fell off its perch last year.

    We didn’t go there this weekend (stayed home and did an extra-long walk in West Seattle’s Lincoln Park) but I wonder if you’ve ever taken your family for a walk around Reservation Head in Deception Pass State Park? That trail was an exclusive favorite for us at Deception Pass while our boys were really young. It’s a relatively short loop (can’t be more than two miles), sometimes we only go as far as Lottie Bay. It’d be too busy for my taste in the summertime but in winter and the shoulder seasons it’s relatively quiet.


    1. You know, I’ve actually not seen big rocks on stumps before. My parents live in by Westport so I am surprised I haven’t seen them while driving. We haven’t been around Reservation Head as we’ve only been there a couple of times so far but I will make a trip out there just to hit up the trail. Thank you very much for the tip!


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