Rosario Beach – Anacortes

The kids and I spent all day Saturday at Northern State Mental Hospital and Deception Pass State Park and had an awesome time. Can’t wait to go back to both! I wasn’t planning on going anywhere Sunday because my heel spurs on both feet were worse than they had been since I started treatment for them. Saturday night, I couldn’t even stand up without being in a lot of pain.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon: The skies were blue and sun shining brightly for the first time in ages. We had to go somewhere! Even if I just drove somewhere and sat in the car. At about 3:00 we headed back out to Deception Pass but this time, we decided to check out Rosario Beach—a small cove on the southwestern corner of Fidalgo Island. Thankfully, my feet had recovered enough for me to do minimal walking which was all that was required to go from the parking lot to the beach.

The beach is pretty rocky and cluttered with logs and driftwood, making it a bit difficult to walk. We were kind of walking on a slant and the gravel is loose but there are plenty of places to sit along the whole beach. I don’t know what in the world the kids busy themselves with on each beach no matter the terrain, and they always find plenty to do.

I finally got some decent sunset pictures for the first time since getting my camera. It helped that there was an actual sun that day (insert sarcastic smiley).


We started heading home but decided to stop by the Shrimp Shack along the way (yum!). We walked in and my 9-year-old Taye said, “Well this is a nice establishment…” The things that come out of kids’ mouths. Sometimes I think he just looks for opportunities to say new big words he learns. That’s okay, though. We are often impressed with some of his word usage and how he uses them within proper context. I do believe he takes after his mom!


Anyway, I ordered fish tacos and the kids ordered the kids popcorn shrimp baskets which were actually quite large servings. They looked like a regular adult size. I wish I had taken a picture of theirs but only snapped a quick one of mine with my iPhone. The shrimp and tartar sauce were very good. The tartar tasted as if it was made with fresh dill. I will definitely be ordering that basket when we go back out that way but I did enjoy my fish tacos. The Shrimp Shack was great other than the two childish men and their pre-teen boys who behaved obnoxiously the entire time. Enough so that my youngest kids said they were all annoying. Oh well. Maybe less noise and childish banter next time we visit.


We will most definitely be visiting Rosario Beach again this Spring and Summer…I can’t wait to go back! Next stop: Snoqualmie Falls!

Thank you for reading and God bless~Giannine


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