Deception Pass State Park

After we finished our 2-hour exploration of Northern State Mental Hospital we drove along Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway and stopped at Larrabee State Park which sits in a little cove. It is a nice little beach comprised of rocks and sand with some larger rocks and wood logs to sit on. We drove the few miles to Bellingham to grab some Starbucks and a few burgers and sundaes for the kids, then decided since we had a couple hours of daylight left, we’d head to Deception Pass State Park to watch the sunset.


After walking for 2 hours at Northern State with still-bothersome heel spurs, my feet were pretty sore so I was really glad to see the parking lot at Deception Pass State Park literally a few feet from the beach with plenty of picnic tables to sit and relax.

Deception Pass State Park spreads over 4,134 acres, a marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. Something worth noting is the U.S. Navy jets from nearby Naval Air Station Whidbey Island that fly over for hours at a time. They circle around and around. The noise may be bothersome to some, especially if you are camping.

My youngest, Giovanna busied herself with trying to bond with the Seagulls, trying to entice them to come to her to get the rest of her lunch. Anthony and Gavin set off down the expansive beach, and Mercedez and Taye played in the sand and looked for shells. I was just happy to have a comfortable spot to watch the sunset wrapped up in my blanket.


Deception Pass State Park

As you can see in one of the pictures, one of the Naval jets was flying over the beach. There were two of them and they passed over repeatedly the entire hour-and-a-half we were there. The noise didn’t bother me though. I am looking forward to our next trip out to Deception Pass State Park! Next stop: Rosario Beach!

Thank you for reading and God bless~Giannine


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