Whatcom Falls Park – Bellingham


Whatcom Falls Park was our second stop (and my favorite) during our day trip to Bellingham yesterday. After hiking all uphill from Teddy Bear Cove to the car, my legs needed a break and this park was nice and relaxing. You know how normally you have to walk or hike a good distance before being rewarded with the spectacular sight you came to see? Not here. The parking lot is just a few steps away from this lovely moss covered bridge overlooking a rushing waterfall.

Before we get to the waterfall though, I want to tell you about the fish farm next to the parking lot.

Rainbow Trout Pond

In each of these ponds (there were about 6-7), there were approximately 8,000 Rainbow Trout. Pretty cool, huh? This building is also onsite, though I’m not sure what it is used for.

Building at Whatcom Falls Park

Back to the waterfall, which is just across the parking lot, the bridge overlooks the falls and on the other side, there is a really nice trail which you can take one of two ways. The right takes you to Bloedel Donovan Park just .08 mile away. We had this park planned as our next stop but opted to not walk because by this time, my 12-year-old had a headache and wasn’t feeling well.

The waterfall isn’t huge but it is really pretty and the entire setting is just beautiful.

Whatcom Falls

In the first picture to the right of the bridge, you can see a chute of water. I’m not exactly sure of its purpose but thought it was really pretty too.

Chute of water at Whatcom Falls

Next time I come here, I am going to walk the trails. Because we had a full day planned, we only got to spend about one hour at each location. Next stop: Bloedel Donovan Park. Thank you for reading. God bless!~Giannine

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