Teddy Bear Cove – Bellingham

Yesterday four of the kids and I decided to spend the day in Bellingham checking out some of the beaches and parks. Our first stop was Teddy Bear Cove which is a beautiful beach with a lovely little plateau of Madronas that juts out overlooking the cove.

Anthony & Mercedez on the plateau overlooking the cove

We parked just above the cove and had a short downhill walk (going back up wasn’t fun) to the beach. Be careful walking when it’s muddy, though! My oldest visited the weekend before and said she fell a couple of times. The beach is covered in crushed shells which was interesting. I definitely want to come back when the tide is out more so that we can explore tide pools. I’m a saltwater aquarium hobbyist, as well, so it is exciting for me to be able to see anemone, starfish, crabs, etc. in their natural habitat.

We spent about an hour here and then tackled the all-uphill hike back up to the car (my legs are sore today).

Next stop: Whatcom Falls Park! Thank you for reading. God bless~Giannine

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