Death to Stagnancy

I have devoted the past 23 years to single-handedly raising all of my children. I have 7. My youngest is 8-years-old and my oldest will be turning 23 in a few months. I decided not quite two weeks ago to purposefully begin doing what I love most—immerse myself in the Pacific Northwest’s rural beauty, and photograph it.

This adventure began with a trip to Oak Harbor (first time visit for me) to pick up my new camera. My 18-year-old son, Anthony accompanied me on this trip and of course, we stopped at Deception Pass along the way. These are a couple of shots taken from my iPhone 7 Plus:


The trip there was beautiful. I love all the farm land of Skagit County and the nearer we got to Oak Harbor, the more it reminded me of the Grayland/Westport area. Yesterday four of the kids and I drove out to Bellingham for a park and beach-packed day. We hit up five parks and beaches and a cemetery. Well, the younger kids decided to sit out the cemetery in the car but Anthony walked around with me looking at all the old graves. I will likely write about each place individually rather than one long, photo-heavy blog post. Next stop: Teddy Bear Cove.

Thank you for reading! God bless~Giannine





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