Bloedel Donovan Park – Bellingham

After spending about an hour at Whatcom Falls Park, we drove the short distance to Bloedel Donovan Park which is a fairly good size park with a playground just beyond the parking lot, and Lake Whatcom and a beach at the head of the parking lot.

An old locomotive car covered in moss sits to the right of the parking lot and as we were making our way toward it, a woman stopped her car to ask me if I had a long lens on my camera that was hanging from my neck. I told her it was and she said there were Bald Eagles up in the trees and that she had waited all day the day before to see some and was hoping someone with a camera would come along.

I was excited because I had just told the kids on the way way to Bellingham that I wanted to get a picture of a Bald Eagle so I made my way to the beach so I could get a better view. The cloudy sky didn’t make for a great backdrop but I was happy to at least get a shot of them.

Bald Eagles

They tolerated my presence for a few minutes before flying off across the lake so I settled for watching the geese all scattered across rotted tree stumps sticking out of the lake.

After the kids played for a bit on the playground, we headed off to our next location: Bayview Cemetery! Thank you for reading. God bless~Giannine

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